IV Nutritional Therapy

Many patients benefit from intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The IV route has particular advantages over oral supplementation. Absorption is 100% and serum concentrations can be reached that far exceed what is possible through oral supplementation. Poor diet, chronic disease, prescription drugs, exposure to toxins and advanced age can all contribute to vitamin/mineral depletion over time.

As an example, in one study, when oral doses of vitamin C increased from 250mg to 2500mg, serum concentration of vitamin C increased by only 25%. IV vitamin C at 50 grams produced over a 6000% increase in serum concentration of vitamin C. Furthermore, vitamin C exhibits antiviral and tumorcidal effects only when concentrations in serum begin to exceed what is possible in oral dosing.

IV Nutritional Therapy Menu:

Multi Vitamin Mineral – High dose vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids, minerals (magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc, selenium, chromium, etc).

Seasonal Cold Kicker- Powerful blend of nutrients with the addition of key ingredients shown to have anti-viral properties. Perfect for seasonal illnesses.

Adrenal Super Boost- This is our super immune booster. For those feeling run down, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Executive Stress Formula- Feeling stressed? This has added magnesium and taurine to help take the edge off!

Super C- Loaded with 50 grams of Vitamin C. Get your anti-oxidant on!

Cancer- Based on the formula developed by University of Kansas researchers, this IV is being used in clinical trials as a possible synergistic agent to be used along-side chemotherapy.

Iron-  A powerful and fast way to reverse iron deficiency anemia. We use iron sucrose (Venofer), the safest IV Iron product available to restore your serum iron level

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