Other Specialties

IV Nutritional Therapy

Many patients benefit from intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The IV route has particular advantages over oral supplementation. Absorption is 100% and serum concentrations can be reached that far exceed what is possible through oral supplementation. Poor diet, chronic disease, prescription drugs, exposure to toxins and advanced age can all contribute to […]

Interventional Spine Pain Management

The mission of interventional spine pain management is to significantly relieve patient’s pain by minimally invasive procedures. These include a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, finding the true pain generator, and then treat with guided, accurate, safe, minimally invasive interventional procedures. These include: Epidural injections Facet blocks Radiofrequency ablation – RFA Neurostimulation Trials Platelet Rich Plasma – […]

Diagnostic and Interventional Musculoskeletal Radiology

Our musculoskeletal radiologist- Dr. Rahul Desai, also employs minimally invasive image-guided therapy to treat a variety of conditions.